This has been a fantabulous month for me!  So many different experiences!

  • I was swapped to another raiser for a week and their home, I learned what it is to live in a house with a backyard!
  • Swimming!  I learned how to swim!  I wasn’t such a big fan in the beginning but I love it now!
  • I also did a few more excursions and I’m allowed in different dog parks now!  There are always so many different dogs when I go, so many friends to make, so many bums to smell! 

My raiser says I am a good girl at restaurants and leaving kibble on the floor, but I need to practice walking over food.  She’s been circling me in bacon bits and kibble and making me walk over them.  It is super hard…but I’m trying my best! Sometimes she even puts an entire jar of peanut butter open on the floor!  THAT one is the hardest! 

Everyone at her workplace says I’m the best doggo.  I try to bring them toys every time I see them.  Sometimes I forget…but I’m working on it!

Until next month! Back to catching some Zzzzzs.

Submitted By: Angela Wei