Today marks one week since Rubix came to join our household. Rubix is loving his new home and finding his favourite spots to settle in. He loves following me around the house, always in hope that it will lead to some food. Rubix is sleeping through the night 8 hours like clockwork. He loves car rides, falls asleep pretty quickly and is slow moving and drowsy whenever we get to our location. He had a bit of an upset tummy early last week but after a trip to the vet to get some medications he is starting to turn the corner and showing his true colours. He is a very sweet dog who loves to snuggle and be held like a baby – but he is growing fast and that wonโ€™t last forever! We are still working on him being nippy when he wants attention or is bored but this is normally a sign that it is time to do some work together and redirect that energy! Looking forward to this journey together ๐Ÿ™‚

– Christine & Rubix

Submitted By: Christine Van Poelgeest