Rumba Feb 2015 IMG_0604 smlLove is in the air this month, which was fitting since everybody loves Rumba – and vice versa! This month Rumba did so many things that he loves doing- but this dog finds joy in everything (except the vacuum cleaner). He went to the Saddledome and watched a Calgary Flames game. There was a lot of buttery popcorn right under his nose while he was climbing those steep steps, but he resisted!

He also accompanied his little friends to their daycares, schools, and watched them at swimming lessons and karate classes. He always stays calm and tries hard to maintain his focus. We’ll keep working on his karate etiquette where he bows before entering the dojo.

Rumba Feb 2015 IMG_0781 sml     Rumba Feb 2015 Snuggles sml

Submitted by our PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Erin Isings.