Hello everyone – it’s PADS Puppy Rupert here!!! 

So April was an interesting month for me!!! My hoomans decided to go on vacation – which is great. But they decided I couldn’t come along, which is definitely not great. Can someone talk to them about that?? I mean . . . sometimes pups deserve a vacation too!! Anyway, the good news is they found a temporary hooman for me, who was happy to take me in for a few weeks. 

The two of us have had a great time together. We go to the gym almost every day (well – he says it’s every day, but I think he’s cheating!!). What a weird place that is. I watch him on his bicycle or climb the stairs, but he doesn’t go anywhere. So mostly, I get bored and have a nap. There are lots of other people there, but I try to ignore them. We also get out to restaurants a lot, go shopping, go to boring meetings and do lots of walks. 

We also do a lot of work. It seems like every day; there is something new to try. Yesterday we worked on going up and down the stairs really slowly . . . one step at a time. I think I did okay. 

But I miss my regular hoomans and can’t wait for them to come home!! 

Submitted by: Kevin