January was a busy month for Russell, visiting out and about. We went to a Dementia Info Fireside Chat, presented by the Calgary Alzheimer’s Society. We went to a couple of chiropractor appointments, where the staff love to see Russell. He is so well behaved, tucking neatly in a “go in” under the chair in the waiting room and then lying patiently in the exam room. Then, at the end of the month, we went out to a Robbie Burns Dinner, complete with haggis, taters and bashed neeps! Russell was a little concerned about the bagpipes when the haggis was piped in, but he quickly figured out that the piper was just another human with unusual taste in music. He had more fun at the close of the evening when Auld Lang Syne was sung. Totally without prompting, he crossed his paws at the same moment when the humans crossed their arms and linked their hands – very impressive!

Submitted By: Wendy Proudlock