Russet turned 2 years old this month!  Where has the time gone?!

He celebrated by picking out a no-hide digestible chew from the pet store.  It only lasted 26 minutes – I timed it.  I guess that means he liked it!

For online puppy class, we continued learning about dog-dog interactions.

New topics included off-leash dog parks and adolescence in dogs.


We also started practicing a new “food delivery” method – using a pincer grip on a piece of kibble to slow the dog down and help them be more thoughtful in taking the treat (using only their front teeth).

Russet is normally a voracious eater, but he is starting to get the hang of it.

This month, Russet got to meet Accredited Facility Dogs Hawk, Calibri, and Webber, who provide support to victims through Calgary Police Services. They were visiting PADS for their “pawdicures” and had a play session with Miranda’s Advanced Dogs. This month, Russet also went to Costco, the hospital lab, a counselling session, an artisan market, and Starbucks.

Submitted By: Karina Nickel