Russet accompanied his human “dad” and guinea pig “sister” to a number of medical appointments this month. He impressed everyone with his focus and attention for being such a young pup. Russet also had a couple of “firsts” this month: first visit to the off-leash park and first time with a puppy-sitter. He was friendly and playful when meeting new dogs, and settled nicely into the sitter’s routine. Russet really enjoyed playing with his brother and two of his sisters at the Tater Tot Christmas party. Grandma PADS Porter also joined in on the fun (see photo, with Russet on the far left).

At puppy class, Russet is learning to offer the “heel” position and to “dress” when lured into his vest. These are useful skills that he will use many times a day.

Submitted By: Karina Nickel