This month, Russet put on his cape to come along with me to CrossIron Mills for clothes shopping, to the hairdresser for my post-quarantine haircut, and to the hospital for bloodwork. This was in addition to coming to work with me at the vet clinic.

It wasn’t all work, though. For fun, we went to the mini donut drive-thru at Stampede Park, to a friend’s backyard bonfire in the country, and to the Chestermere off-leash park to play in the lake. And guess what? There were goats at the off-leash park doing weed control! We had to socially distance from the goats to keep them healthy, so we opted for a photo op instead.

For online puppy class, we submitted a video showing off all the leash skills we’ve been working on. Russet is a rock star! We have also been learning about dog-dog interactions so we can identify polite greetings and encourage appropriate play. This came in handy at the off-leash park where there are all sorts of dogs.

Submitted By: Karina Nickel