July has been so hot outside! My human got me a pool to keep cool and oh, do I love it. I love to just sit in the cool water. We got to pick blueberries all month, I love them and I help, lol. We got to go the the PADS campus for one of our classes this month and it was great to see everyone and all the dogs and puppies. We practiced with switching raisers, so fun and practiced go say hi and I get it! I have had so much fun on outings, I hear people say “oh look at that beautiful dog, so well behaved, such a lovely dog”. Yep, that’s me.

When I’m out shopping, I know exactly where the carrots are in the grocery store and watch as they go from the counter to the buggy, to the check out and to home. When we get home, I go to my bed and sit while all the groceries are put away, then guess what, a carrot comes to me. It all comes together when we are out in public, I’m loving it. My human did not have a car for a couple days and we got to ride the sky train, an elevator and a bus a few times. So exciting hearing “good job”; sure boosts my confidence. Such a great month!

Submitted by: Janice Zardo