March was exciting. Spring is everywhere, with new smells and visiting more parks. I went to North 40 Park in Delta and ran around with my (PADS) Auntie Autumn and a PADS released doggie. Wow, did we have fun off-leash. Then we visited a Brewery that was pet friendly, and I saw sooooo many different breeds of doggies. Yet, I stayed very composed and settled there. We got our picture taken together afterwards. I also went to Garry Point Park, which is so beautiful with the cherry blossoms! Another place where I saw lots of doggies with their humans. I went to my sitters this month for a week, and she showed me puddles are very fun to stand-in.

I’m looking forward to next month as I think my human is planning a party for my 1st birthday and a birthday get-together with all my siblings, my mama and papa too! 

Submitted by: Janice Zardo