A beautiful fall September, I spent the first week and a half at my sitters, practiced settling with my friend Tika. My sitter complimented how I have calmed down quite a bit. When my human came back, she brought me a new puzzle toy, lol. I figured that out fast.

We have found a new park close to my human’s house and we are spending everyday there, getting lots of exercise. My human took me to her sister’s place one day this month and there were four other labs there, ages from 5 months which was PADS Doppler, to an older fella, 14 years old, he just followed behind us supervising, I guess. πŸ™‚ We got along wonderfully and the human’s said we were all so good. I went to a dog park at Myrtle park and I must say, I am way more polite to play nice with other dogs.

We had a class at the PADS campus, it was nice to be with all my classmates and not on a laptop. My human gets to have FaceTime every week with her grandchildren in Ottawa, I don’t mind it, as they always want to talk to me!

Oh, oh, I went to the RV show and saw a huge stuffed bear and a moose. Everyone was asking my human about PADS, while I listened patiently. I was a good girl and so tired from walking around, I slept all the way home. Such a great month.

Submitted by: Janice Zardo