August was a quiet month for me because I became an adolescent. I am 10 months old now and getting to be a big girl, so I got to practice “Dress” with different items besides my cape…I didn’t mind it and my raisers were very happy with this. I was also tired a lot, and suffered from an ear infection, so we took a break from all the outings while I recovered.

While I was home, I did work on my barking challenges. It’s hard for me to trust people and other pups so I bark at them sometimes. My boss Tracy, gave us some things to work on which is helping to keep me busy when I want to bark. My raisers friends came by to help me out with this, while we socially distanced of course. We are very grateful for their time. They are very nice to me, so I hope that I will continue to improve and be happier when I see them again.

I did get to enjoy all the sunshine though this month in our back yard. Thankfully, I had a nice place to spend some time when I wasn’t so sleepy. I like to play tug with my raisers and they ran around with me so that I got some exercise. I’m slowly getting out and about again now that I’m feeling better. I got to see the Superdogs at the Taste of the PNE and guess what, “I didn’t bark”! I was having a blast on this outing but I didn’t understand that I wasn’t supposed to bark out my order when we arrived at the food trucks…but the servers were talking to me! I’m looking forward to what September brings.

Submitted by: Monette and Robert Sakashita