February went by pretty quickly for me! I had an adult assessment done this month to check on my temperament since I am 15 months old this month. Unsurprisingly, I got pretty scared of the big stranger that came into the room. I didn’t bark though which was great, but I kind of was too scared to, I think. I felt better when I got back to the car where my mom and dad were waiting for me.

Otherwise, I’ve really enjoyed myself, especially the running around freely at Pacific Spirit Park. I also enjoy working for kibbles – we’ve been trying to perfect a few things like heel and perch and the importance of positioning myself. I’m still working on engagement to alleviate my barking episodes. I did go the dentist again, but with my current mom this time and I did pretty well but sadly, we didn’t get a photo taken to prove it! A big thank you to Dr. Lovely and his kind staff for allowing me to practice my skills. I seemed to notice many smiling faces in the office but none bigger than mom’s because we got through the hour without any barking or mishaps while she was relaxing in the chair. I was just happy that I didn’t get those noisy things put in my mouth too!

We also visited some places again to help build my confidence in new surroundings…like Home Depot, the airport, grocery stores and markets and malls.
For this last week of February, I’ve been stuck in the house with my second heat. Good thing is that I love to run around and play in our backyard and thankfully, we’ve had some snow and some sunshine to help brighten these days.

Stay safe everyone as we look forward to Spring and the longer days ahead.

Submitted by: Monette and Robert Sakashita