Happy New Year friends!
January has been a rather busy month for me since we started going out in my cape again like I predicted last month. It’s been OK I guess, as I have enjoyed some cool places like Home Depot and Walmart again. Everyone seems so friendly there. We also went inside a restaurant for the first time in a really long time, and I settled in nicely while everyone else was eating! I’ve had the opportunity to go to a big hospital a couple times, grocery stores, the airport…and then only dreamed about flying off to Hawaii! I am working on how to be quiet and settled in these environments and hopefully relaxation will come as well but this is sometimes hard for me.
Something different that I did is spend a few days with my first mommy and daddy and my good friend Koda. It was very nice to be around another dog again. We did all kinds of things like long car rides and walks and I even went to a dentist…no, not for my teeth, thankfully!

My teacher has been keeping me very busy by starting off the year with demonstrating all the cues I know so far and this has been fun. My raisers are having to learn more about how to make videos better too!
Some of the new skills that I am working on is Roll, Side, Heel and Out.

Submitted by: Monette and Robert Sakashita