Spring has finally arrived, with the longer days and a bit more sunshine. I’ve been able to enjoy our backyard more and now that my second heat is done (yeh), I’m happy to be out and about again.

With a new season, brings new changes for me coming up as well. We found out that I am going to be a happier puppy out of cape and so we are beginning the search for my forever home. My mom and dad have been sad these days, because they are going to miss me big time. While I get to learn and to enjoy being just a normal puppy, we have been going on a few more trail walks, playing in the back yard and also keeping my mind active by working on some cues so that I can hopefully, some day, really impress my new family.

My parents wish to thank everyone for supporting me and following me on this journey.

I heard something about a ball today, not sure what it is yet, but I have a feeling that there is going to be lots of these in my future!

Submitted by: Monette and Robert Sakashita