May has been quite an adventurous month for me because I got new raisers!

I swapped homes with my sister Shade – I really miss Shannon and Kevin and Koda a lot, but I will still get to visit them in the future and play with my sister, so this makes me and both our families very happy.

I now live in the city and it’s so different.

 So many different sounds and noises with all the traffic, trucks and construction!



There are many people, young and old, who go by my home doing so many different things like riding scooters, bicycles and skateboards!  I just really love to watch all that is going on around me.  I am still learning that all this new stuff is OK, it will just take some time to get used to it.

I also live with two cats now and I really like them both.  I discovered that one of them really likes my bed and she doesn’t even get off when I come around, so I’m learning to share!  I like to give them kisses a lot but I don’t think they like it very much!

My new raisers are so very proud of me because I graduated to puppy beginner class this month too!  I’m spending lots of time working on my bed manners, going under tables and chairs and getting dressed.  I’m still growing, so my raiser needed to get me a new cape even though I just wear it in the house these days. I’m also practicing putting on other outfits too – just to get me used to dressing.  It’s fun for everyone because my raisers laugh a lot!  And I’m also learning that it’s fun to play with my raisers…I like to chase them in the back yard and play tug and hide and seek in the house.


I feel much love in my new home because I get lots of kisses and hugs every day.  I look forward to sharing what June brings for me!

Submitted By: Monette & Robert Sakashita