November 1st was my first birthday. I got some homemade apple cake and some special cookies from a bakery in Burnaby that I visited. I’m a very good eater, I’m told.

I am working on disengaging from other puppies, and one time we went to Ikea, and we saw my sister Shade. I was so surprised and happy to see her, but I didn’t get a chance to go say hi to her. I loves her so much, but all I was allowed to do is sit quietly, far away from her, so that I could practice settling. We were supposed to practice this some more because I need a lot of practice, I’m told, but then Dr. Bonnie set some more rules for us to keep us safe because of covid. So, I am looking forward to when I can see my sister again.

I’ve been helping with the sweeping and raking so that I can become more at ease around these tools. We don’t know why these make me nervous, but I get to say hi to the broom every day. Nice broom!
I got a new boss, Dana, but I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her yet. Our homework has been ‘play time’ with my parents, so this is a lot of fun for me. Thanks Dana! This also helps with my engagement as well, which I know that I need to get better at when I’m loose leash walking and when I’m trying not to bark at people and other puppies.

I’ve also been working on leash and collar pressure, duration, and my general manners in the house. I’m still an adolescent, and I think you know what this might mean, especially when I live with two cats!
Then when I’m at Pacific Spirit park, I get to run and jump in the mud and in the water with other doggies. So much fun!

Submitted by: Robert and Monette Sakashita