October was a busy month and we got through the final day with flying colours!

Hallowe’en week was scary for me with all the very loud and constant fireworks here in Vancouver.  But as the week went by, I figured out these loud noises were not going to hurt me and I was a good girl and stayed on my bed on Hallowe’en night.  My parents were relieved and happy for me and grateful that we will not have to endure this again in the future.

The fun part of Hallowe’en was that I got to be a kitty for a time.  The three of us got lots of treats for dressing up.


I got to meet my very nice boss, Tracy, at an IKEA parking lot one night for a class event with some other puppies.  My mom was so happy that I didn’t bark at the other pups.  I was quite distracted by this novelty, though, as I haven’t had any opportunity to work with other pups and people so close to me…although we socially distanced.  We will be practicing this a bit more in the months to come so I hope that I will get more comfortable doing this.

I was busy the rest of this month working on engage/disengage when seeing other people and puppies to practice not barking while loose leash walking.  I’m also walking in the dark now more and learning to disengage from scary shadows and unseen noises.  This is really hard but the big light we carry helps a lot, and so do the treats!

I have visited many places again this month with my parents.  I met Boo Boo at Canadian Tire, went shopping at Walmart and to an outdoor market to get some very tasty apples, visited the Wharf in Steveston where I was a good girl sitting under the table outside while mom and dad had lunch.  But walks at Pacific Spirit Park are still my favourite!

Submitted By: Monette and Robert Sakashita