I had a very busy month with my sitters. On day two, I learned to swim, and I loved it! The water is so refreshing on a warm day, and Sasamat Lake is near my house, which is really great. 

I’ve been working on my dog and people distraction. I love everyone so much, and I just want to give them kisses and say hi all the time. I understand I need to curtail this, but it’s hard. I had a few different working field trips to a doctor’s office, grocery stores, restaurants, a new workplace, coffee shops and breweries. I really like working, and I really like going in the car. I also went camping in the United States, where there was a big giant green space with woods behind it for exploring with my new friend, Sprout. It was so much fun, and we were really good.

Submitted by: Carrie Stefanson