Hi, I’m starting off by saying mom says my little “sass” has turned into big “sass” I don’t think that’s a good thing. Mom says I’ve hit adolescence, and I look at her some days like she’s speaking another language cause I don’t listen. Apparently, this is common in dogs my age, I’m acting like a teenager, so I’m told.

We had more friends come and stay at our cabin, and I like it when we have company cause we do fun things. We went to Fairhaven, which is south of Bellingham. It’s a cool little town with boutique shops and fun to walk around. We ended it at a brewery called Stones Throw. Mom & dad like going to breweries; I never get any beer though.

Mom & I went with Mochi & her raiser Susan to Spanish Banks one Friday to meet up with other PADS dogs and Bill Ng, who takes fabulous pictures. Mochi & I ran & ran and got wet & dirty, and it was so fun. I fell asleep on Mochi on the way home.

Our class had a field trip to the Aquarium. There were so many people, and mom was focused on me being good. We did see some cool fish, seals and one huge walrus. We want to go back when it’s not so busy, and we can spend more time seeing everything.

Instead of class one night, we had a BBQ. We wore our capes, so there was no playing. This was a good training exercise for us to be good around other dogs, smells & food. Mom & dad were happy actually to meet up with the other people in the class.

There are free concerts at Rocky Point in Port Moody, and it’s called Summer Sundays. We’ve been to a couple this month, and they’ve been great. We always find a shady place and where it’s not too crazy with people & dogs. I really like going.

Mom & dad went on a “beer & sail” cruise for a birthday party one night and thought it was best I was with a sitter. The sitter happens to have a cabin a block from us, so I got to hang out with released PADS Comox, and we had a blast, and so did mom & dad.

There was another birthday party for the same friend a few days later, and I got to go to that one. There were lots of people. I tried not to get too excited when gifts for being opened, then I fell asleep when we were around the fire.

There’s something in Birch Bay called crabbing season, it starts on the 18th, and dad gets super excited, mom not so much. I think the crab smells fabulous, mom says it stinks. Dad goes out on the boat, and mom & I go for walks and do training. I’d like to go crabbing one day and see what it’s all about.

We’ve spent a lot of time at the cabin this month. Mom says they’re making up for the two years they couldn’t come. Now saying we’re at the cabin doesn’t mean I get a pass on training. This is still a daily thing, and I’d say I’m doing pretty good … well, most of the time.

It’s been a great month, and I love being at the cabin; I don’t want summer to end. One more thing, dad has the most wonderful & big garden. I’ve been spoiled with sweet carrots, zucchini, peas & tomatoes, yum!!! I have gotten taller. It must be all the good veggies I’m eating.

Bye for now, enjoy the rest of your summer.

Miss Sassy Pants

Submitted by: Alison