Hi, my name is Sassy. Mom gets asked constantly if I live up to my name, she says no … not YET! It’s been an exciting month with my new family. When I came home, PADS Nana was her for a few days to show me the ropes and let me cuddle her. When Nana left, mom started taking me on small outings; my first was Starbucks, where I sat nicely while mom waited for her drink. Every day or every other day, we’ve been on some kind of outing, the bank, city hall to get my license, the rec center where we sat outside the weight room watching, we also watched people playing pickleball. Mom & I went to the mall to have coffee with Lurline, Nana wasn’t with her. They had a visit, I slept. Mom & I met a couple of mom’s long-time girlfriends for lunch. I slept for 90 minutes. Mom’s friends kept looking under the table, saying, “unbelievable,” mom agreed. And said she was very proud of me. Settling is a very important skill, so I need to keep it up. Mom & dad took me to a place called Taps & Tacos. We sat upstairs, it was surrounded by glass, it was pretty cool to see all the people below us. I did not get any beer or tacos though??

Now I know this sounds like it’s all fun. However, every outing is training for me, being good in public, ignoring people wanting to say hi to me. Mom is very strict when people ask if they can say hi, she tells them no, I’m training unless it’s a good opportunity for me to learn. Mom, dad & I have “puppy boot camp” on Zoom every week where mom & dad learn new things to teach me, we practice in class and then work and build on them each week, and mom has to send in videos of our homework. I had my first bath, it was ok, and mom cuts my nails weekly and brushes my teeth and fur every day. She keeps me looking cute while teaching me to relax during body handling, we also do puppy yoga, I’m pretty good at that.

One thing mom & dad have noticed is I’m really drawn to kids. There’s a little boy next door to us, his name is Ollie, he’s two, and I love seeing him outside. I like seeing all the kids in the neighbourhood when we’re out, and I’m trying hard not to get too excited. Dory, who was mom & dad’s first PADS dog and is now a V.I.P., stayed with us for a week. She didn’t play with me too much, and I did sneak in some snuggles. I got to meet my half-sister PADS Cremello, we have the same mom, and there’s definitely a resemblance. I also went for a walk with PADS Copper, and I think I’ll get to see them more as I get bigger.

Mom says dad is smitten with me as I’m such a good girl. I love them as much as they love me. We’re a good team. 

I’m looking forward to sharing more new adventures.

Submitted by: Sassy