Hi, to start, mom keeps saying I’m growing way too fast. I gained over 5 lbs this month, and my legs keep getting longer; I’ll try to slow down. 

I had more firsts this month, starting with going to our cabin across the border now that I’m fully vaccinated. I had so much fun and made lots of new friends. I’m looking forward to spending more time there, especially this summer. 

Another first was going to Douglas College, where they have a vet tech program and practice on PADS dogs. Mom said I was too young to go for a full day, so I went for the afternoon. The students said they loved me and that I did really well. I hope I get to go back. 

Mom took me to Mundy Park to meet up with my sister PADS Mochi who mom calls “mini Mochi” cause she’s so much smaller than me and my friend PADS Copper. We also saw PADS Edith & Pads Dean, who were celebrating their 1st birthdays. 

We had a field trip to Scotia Barn for our puppy class. I was a little distracted by people, but mostly by other PADS pups in my class. Mom said we need to work on those skills. There was a fair going on at Coquitlam Centre. We met PADS Samwise to work on training around the rides and smells, and we went when the fair was closed, so not too many distractions. Mom & dad went to Cabo, and I went to sitter Suzanne Hansons. I was excited to go and had a great time with her. Suzanne took me to her office and to a Day Of Mourning ceremony; these were new experiences for me. Suzanne says I sleep in funny positions. I have heard that before. 

Mom & dad said they really missed me. I missed them too, even though I had a good time with Suzanne and had new adventures, which are important as I grow and learn. 

Let’s see what May brings.

Submitted by: Alison