Happy 2023!

It’s been a much quieter month, Nana went back to advanced training, and we’re back to a one-dog house. I went into heat, and mom says I’m a late bloomer, but we did manage to get in some good training before I started my heat. Mom took me to a pet store, and that’s like “torture” with all the good smells, food, other dogs and all the toys!!! Mom says I’m supposed to be well-behaved, no sniffing the ground or pulling towards anything, and personally, I think she’s asking a little much.

I went for a nice, long walk in Port Coquitlam with PADS Edith and her raiser, and we went to Starbucks after, where I settled nicely under the table. We had PADS Lohn and his raiser over for pizza one night, and we didn’t really play, but we went for a walk and then took turns laying on the bed or being in the soft kennel, as it was more about learning to be calm around each other.

Mom & I met PADS Copper and her mom at the mall for some distraction training. We sat in an area for a while, and Copper & I were close to each other but not close enough to touch. We walked through the food court and then took the glass elevator down a level, and get this, we did a switch a roo, and mom took Copper, and I went with Copper’s mom.

Our trainer says this is a good thing to do to see how we are with other people. After we left the mall, we went to a park where Copper & I got to relax and sniff, and this was for being good at the mall. I’m really happy I got in some walks and visits with friends before I started my heat.

Mom says she knew I was going into heat cause I was acting a little weird a couple of days before my heat started, and sure enough, she was right. I’m not a fan of wearing panties, as you can see from a picture I have adjusted, lol.

Since I’m not allowed out in public, we’ve been working on bettering some skills, like going to my bed when I hear a doorbell, car loading, as well as lots of other cues that are important.

I did get to go to an in-person class, wearing my panties, of course, and I didn’t realize how many boys were in my class until that night, and dad made sure none of those boys got too close.

The first half of the month was eventful, but not so much the second half. I’m looking forward to this heat ending and going out to some adventures in February.

That’s all for now,
Miss Sassy Pants

Submitted by: Alison