Hope you’re enjoying your summer and the heat isn’t too much for you. We’ve been spending lots of time at the cabin. We were there for Canada Day; the fireworks started that night and kept going till after July 4th. Mom & dad warned me about the 4th being crazy and boy they were right, fireworks went for about 6 hours straight. I guess a lot of dogs don’t like fireworks. Our friends said I was doing better than them with all the loud noises. We were down at the beach with our friends and mom said I was doing so well she took me home before it got too loud & wild, her words “set me up for success”.

It was my human mom’s and dad’s anniversary so we went out for dinner. I was very good and slept through most of it. The staff were pretty impressed with me. We met mom’s friend Jo who has PADS Edith and a sitter Donna for a trail walk. Oh! My sister Mochi came along! It was so much fun, we got to be off leash for part of it and we let loose.

Mom & dad were having some friends from the states up for RibFest and they had a wedding that weekend. I went to sitter Suzanne. I love going to her house and now she has retired PADS Walker. We got along great. I did get to go to RibFest on the last night to listen to a band mom & dad really like.

We had another in-person class at the PADS campus. I get really excited at first seeing all the other dogs then I settle down. It’s good training, at least that’s what mom says.

Now this is a big first; my sister Mochi & I did what they call a puppy swap. I stayed at Mochi’s house for twelve days and she stayed at my house. Mom says it’s good for us to be in other houses with different routines. They have a pet dog, two cats and two kids, it took me a few days to get used to being around the other animals and by the end of it we were all friends, Mochi’s mom said the dog is going to miss me. I had lots of fun. We went boating and Mochi’s mom called me “sailor Sassy” and said it was like I’d been boating my whole life.

Since I was away I don’t have too much more to report, stay cool.

Miss Sassy Pants