Life keeps getting more interesting with my “first” experiences, and the month started with a Celebration of Life. I provided a lot of comfort to people, and my mom & dad were very proud of me.

We had a birthday party for a friend from Birch Bay at our house, and we met everyone at Yellow Dog Brewery. I thought it was named after me, so I made sure mom got a picture of me there. After everyone came to our house for dinner & cake, we sat down at the fire pit later in the night. There was another dog, Scouser; he’s older and didn’t want to play, but he did let me cuddle up to him.

We had a puppy class at Pet Smart, and mom was worried about me with not only all the other PADS dogs but other dogs in the store, plus all the smells. I actually did pretty good until our trainer threw a toy; oops, I am still a puppy and wanted to go get it.

So, another first, I met another dog named Sassy. She, her brother Louie, and their mom & dad stayed with us at our cabin. It was funny when I heard my name, and it wasn’t for me; the other Sassy is really little. I liked her.

My sister Mochi & I did some training at Rocky Point Park, and our moms thought it had some great things to work on, like weird surfaces, distractions with all the geese and their babies, lots of people and dogs, lots of smells and mom said if we were good we’d get doggie ice cream after, guess what, we rocked our training, and so we got ice cream and boy did we love it.

I went with mom & dad when they donated blood, and they took turns, so I only went in at the beginning and said hi to a few workers. Mom & dad took turns taking me for a walk while they waited for each other to donate.

Mom & I met up with a PADS sitter who mom wanted me to go to. We went for a walk in the trails and then went to a coffee shop and sat outside. I did pretty good, considering how much was going on, people, dogs, and big trucks unloading things. I think the sitter was impressed cause she said she’s looking forward to when she can sit me.

We finally got some nice summer weather and spent a few days at the cabin. Mom took me for a long walk while the tide was out. I got to run around and listened when mom recalled me, and I didn’t even eat or try to eat any of the things in the water. I played with my friend Laila, and we liked to chase each other around. I sleep really well at the cabin cause it’s cool at night; I really like it there.

I’m looking forward to more time at the cabin. Mom got out on her kayak and wants to take me out once she gets me a life jacket. I’ll let you know how that goes. 

Happy summer!

Submitted by: Alison