Hi everyone. My Raiser said it is now the month of March. I’m not sure about that because I didn’t see anyone marching, and I’m not really sure what a month is anyway, but my Raiser said I have 16 of them now. I must have been sleeping while the marching was happening. 

I went to my first two in-person classes with my new Raiser. I couldn’t believe how many dogs were there. I tried to say hello to all of them, but for some reason, I was not allowed to. So after I got over my excitement about all those dogs, we did a lot of training so I would get better at everything. But I was too excited to think by the time we finished. And I acted a bit crazy at the end. I’ll do better next class. 

One day we went to a garden centre day with another PADS dog so we could practice not being distracted by each other. I’ll tell you, garden centres are kind of boring for me even if I did get to see another dog. My Raiser took a picture of me in front of this huge stone monster. Wow…it was so big, but I didn’t freak out. I just listened to what my Raiser wanted me to do, even when it was just posing. She said I was very pretty. 

Now, do you want to hear something so exciting? I also went to a real Hockey Game with my Raiser. I don’t know what a hockey game is, but these tiny people (I think they were men) went around and up and down this white floor. Every now and then, a huge siren would go off, and people all around would stand up and start yelling. I was a bit freaked out the first time it happened, but my Raiser gave me a kibble each time it happened, so I was fine after the first one. My Raiser said I was extremely good, especially since that siren happened seven times. Whew. It was past my night kennel time when we got home, so I went right to sleep and dreamed about little men moving all around. 

Then I was practicing being a service dog when my Raiser took me to an office with many chairs. She said she had to go for a blood test. She sat on one chair along a wall, and I did a Go-In under her chair for a long time until we got up to go into another room with one big chair. I did a Go-In behind the chair, so I couldn’t see what was happening. I hope her blood has passed its test. Then we went food shopping but didn’t get any of My Food, so that was kind of ho-hum. My Raiser said I was really good all day, and she gave me extra kibble and cuddles when we got home. 

Submitted by: Lurline Langbell