May has been an exciting month with more “firsts,” starting with a field trip to the Vancouver Police Horse Stables. We walked around, there were lots of different smells, and we got to walk by horses and not react. I think the horses even liked me.

Mom & I went to the PADS campus to talk to TELUS employees who were doing the campus clean up. They were so nice & friendly, and mom got to tell them about raising PADS puppies while I sat there looking cute.

My human family came over to celebrate Mother’s Day. I was on my best behaviour. My mom takes such good care of me and loves me so much.

We spent the long weekend at the cabin; it was warm & sunny, so dad set up an umbrella on the deck so I could be in the shade. We had our first beach fire of the year, and it was a perfect night. Lots of our friends came, the water was calm, and there were so many good smells on the beach. It was like a smorgasbord; mom kept me on a short leash so I wouldn’t eat anything I shouldn’t.

Another exciting first, I went on a plane! Mom & dad called it “planes, trains & automobiles.” We drove to the airport parking, caught the sky train, checked in, went through security, that was interesting then boarded the plane. I tucked under the seat in front of mom. The flight attendant said she didn’t think I’d fit, haha, so I showed her. I slept the whole flight. Well, it was just over an hour, and mom had to wake me to get off; I’d say I was relaxed. Mom & Dad said it was a good training opportunity, plus because I was with them, we got moved to the front of the plane both ways. That was nice, and so were all the staff on Flair.

I did some walks with different PADS friends. Mom says I need to work on being calm when I first see other dogs. I’m always so excited to see them, and I am good after a few minutes.

I settle really well at home; I’m happy to lay on my bed while mom is doing yoga or other things. I’ve been told this is a very important skill to have. I like training cause I get lots of kibbles, I’m getting tall, and my legs keep getting longer. I heard I look like I have turkey legs when I lay down.

Not sure June will be as exciting, but you never know, see you next month. 

Submitted by: Alison