Hi, a lot has been happening this month. My sister Mochi went to a new raiser, and I miss her. We went to the cabin, and my cousin Berkeley was there, except he’s a little guy and doesn’t want to play with me.

Mom & dad took me to a Christmas Craft Fair, it was big, and there were lots of people, I was on my best behaviour, and mom bought me a couple of new bandanas from Give Your Dog A Bone. I’m a lucky girl.

We helped another raiser who was looking after a puppy waiting to go to a school in the states, her name is Sue II, and she stayed with us for 5 days. I liked her, except she liked to bite my face, legs, and tail well, about anything she could. Mom loved having a little one around, except she said she couldn’t get anything done between us. I think I like being an only child. ๐Ÿ™‚

I turned one this month, and there was a party at a huge dog park. There was only me and three of my litter mates there, and then some other PADS dogs, and we had a blast. I also greeted every dog that came to the park and ran with them. I was a very happy girl. We had treats, and mom gave goody bags to all the dogs that came. I was super tired after and slept for hours.

I went to sitter Donna for a few days. Mom & dad went shopping on Black Friday and to the Seahawks game and said this would be too much for me. Donna took me to a mall, and we practiced elevator protocols and went to a coffee shop. I had fun with Donna, she was so nice and gave me a lamb chop stuffy for my birthday. I love it.

Mom & dad put up the Christmas tree and decorated the house, I was eyeing some pretty cute reindeer and a Santa, and mom told me, “paws off.”

I’ve done some Christmas shopping, mom wrapped them for me, and I’m liking all this Christmas stuff and looking forward to more activities this month and Santa coming soon.

Bye for now,
Miss Sassy Pants

Submitted by: Alison