Hi, wow what a month it has been, more exciting firsts to share with you!

The biggest news is my sister PADS Mochi is staying with us for awhile. Mochi & I share everything, beds, benebones, toys, except Mochi likes to chew my toys so moms been hiding some of my favourites. I love having my sister at our house, mom says two dogs can be a lot, she also says we’re so cute together.

I stayed with a sitter who has released PADS dog Sprout, we had fun together. I swam, by accident, out at Lake Sasamat, I was taken by surprise when I fell in, I did figure out how to swim pretty quickly, Sprout showed me what to do.

We had an in-person class at PADS, I got a bit excited when I first saw the other dogs, I did settle after a couple minutes then was a very good girl.

Speaking of learning, I went to an elementary school for the day, that was another first for me. I liked being with the kids and they liked having me in their class.

We spent a few weekends at the cabin, the weather has been so nice, I love being there, laying on the deck, walking on the beach, mom calls it her “happy place”, it’s my happy place too.

Mochi & I went to the Douglas College vet program, it gave mom a break and time to clean she says. I’ve started shedding big time, mom says my fur is a condiment and an accessory!!

September weather has been amazing, let’s hope it continues into October. I’ll keep you updated on how things are going with my sister; she may be with us awhile.

Bye for now.