Saxon Nov 2015-2 Boss dodgeball with SaxonHi, Everyone!

This is an extra Pupdate to tell you about something REALLY SPECIAL!  I have a Sponsor now!  A whole bunch of sponsors, actually – the many dynamic young people who belong to BOSS Dodgeball League in Calgary!

Several of our puppy-raisers and their pups got invited to attend the first ever Charity Tournament put on by BOSS in November.  The League has been playing together for several years, and they decided that they would like to host a Charity Tournament to raise funds to give back to the community.  One member used to live in Burnaby, and was a Special Events volunteer for PADS.  She suggested that the League could donate proceeds from their first Charity Tournament to PADS in Calgary, and they loved the idea!   Even though our puppy-raisers have NEVER played league dodgeball before, they were up to the challenge of putting together a PADS team to compete in the Tournament.  The rest of the League members were kind to us – they didn’t knock our team out right away…  We almost lost one of our puppy-raiser moms, though, when she came in the gym door instead of the school door, and ended up walking into the middle of an active match!  Those balls are like bullets, you know!

The Charity Tournament organizers had predicted they would be able to make a thousand dollar donation to PADS, but once the registrations got rolling, it turned out that they could do even better:  they raised $1,500 for PADS!  They asked if it would be possible to apply their donation to provide a Puppy’s First Year Sponsorship for one of our Calgary dogs.  I put my paw up right away and said, “Pick me! Pick me!”    Everyone thought that was a brilliant idea, and that’s how I became a “BOSS DOG”.

I plan to go to more of the BOSS games so the League members can see how am growing up this coming year!

Saxon Nov 2015-2 Saxon at BOSS game3Saxon Nov 2015-2 Saxon at BOSS game2Saxon Nov 2015-2 Saxon at BOSS game

Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Saxon, and her Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Wendy & Peter Proudlock.