We are excited to welcome Sequin to our advanced dog crew! Sequin is a sweet, fun, motivated girl who loves working and play in equal measures. Her raisers, Vivienne & Andrew Caroll and Cheryl Wallach have done an amazing job with her, and they should be very proud of this girl as she is a true credit to their love and dedication to raising exceptional service dogs. Sequin is settling right in with the rest of the team and is loving that she gets to train and play with her new schoolmates. A big thank you to team Sequin! We are excited to see where her path will take her.

  • Skills being learned: Obedience skills, movement skills, alerting to a timer
  • Recent field trips: Restaurant, Sunalta school, Calgary courthouse
  • Possible behavior challenges: Very motivated by sights, sounds and smells in her environment
  • Advanced training location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Sequin!

Submitted by: Miranda, Advanced Trainer & Assessment Coordinator