April brought some very nice sunshine, new leaves on the trees and so many birds to watch and listen to while I lounged on the deck.

I really love the sun and the warmth it brings, so my raisers were always putting up the umbrella to help protect my paws which were getting too hot!

Besides lounging, I worked really hard on many skills our trainer Nicole gave us to practice.  It was very nice of her to spend the time to review all the videos my raisers sent in of me.

Nicole said that I have improved, and my raisers need to keep working on some things so that I don’t get too frustrated!

I really enjoy going under things and in tight spaces…always have, so this is easy for me.

Every night, we get dressed up and go to our restaurant “at home” and my raiser treats me while I stay calm and quiet under her chair. 


 We also worked hard on “leave it” because I have to admit, those newspapers on the table and shoes on the floor are absolutely scrumptious!  But I really like apple a whole lot too…but it’s still a hard choice to make most times.  We also practiced ‘dress’ by wearing red one day when we honoured those we lost in Nova Scotia.

I feel really proud that I can get so close to my kitty mates at home now.  I still need supervision though, because I can get pretty excited at times when the brown one runs away when he sees me, but overall, I have really enjoyed kissing my favourite black and white one and being next to her while she’s eating.  I never once tried to eat her food and my raisers are so happy about this.

My raisers found out that I’m about to experience many more changes in May that will help me with my strong will to work.  Sounds pretty exciting and I’m anxious to find out what’s in store for me soon!

Submitted By: Monette & Robert Sakashita