February was a really busy month for me!

I learned so many new things, made many new friends, and visited so many different places. Now that I’m getting older, I am doing all the things I had hoped to do. My raisers took me to Home Depot a few more times (they must really like it there). I like it too because everyone is so happy to see me and ask my raisers about how I am doing.

Granville Island was pretty cool as well! A very nice couple asked if they could meet me and my raiser said yes! Wow, so many nice people wanting to know more about PADS and me. I practiced my loose leash walking in this high distraction area and did pretty well (I was told). I loved watching those seagulls and I didn’t even chase them!

This month, I also went into a grocery store to do some shopping while my raisers pushed the grocery cart. At Richmond Hospital, where I visited a couple times, I definitely helped people smile as I was able to greet them. This made me feel very good!

There was a special day this month where I asked if someone would be my Valentine. So I was so happy when Archer said he would love to be mine!

Because I’m kind of shy around some other pups, I’ve been learning how to socialize better. So I practice while running with them, off-leash, in the woods. I went to my raisers whenever they called me, so that made them really happy! Overall, I’m really happy that I was able to make some new buddies. We all look forward to future play dates!

I have been working hard while having all this fun though! You know, they put all these kibbles down on the floor, spelling my name and I had to practice not eating them! It was so hard, but I did it. Well, at least long enough to allow my raisers to take my photo! I just love food! I’m told that I need to keep working on this.

My new teeth are coming in so it’s been harder for me to relax and settle down. I need to learn how to do this so that I can be quieter in my puppy kindergarten class with my mates. I’m also dreaming what the tooth fairy might bring me in my sleep… lots and lots of kibbles maybe!

Submitted By: Monette & Robert Sakashita