My raiser found seven of my baby teeth this month, so I’ve been cranky at times, but the tooth fairy brought me a delicious stuffed Kong for each one. This losing teeth thing is okay!

I spent a week with my sister Gertrude’s raisers and I got to learn a lot about how to socialize with other dogs better. I ran around off leash a lot which made me really happy. They also taught me how to lie down on a bed all on my own and stay quiet – my current raisers are really impressed when I do this for them. It’s super easy and I get lots of smiles as well as treats! I really enjoyed my week with Gertrude’s raisers and hope to see them again soon.

I’m growing quickly so I needed to get a new kennel this month. It’s really big and it’s so nice to be able to stretch out in it. Thank you Jessica! I’ve been really practicing on my folding down lately. I think we had a breakthrough recently because my raiser was so happy which made me really excited too! I do all my other skills pretty well but this one was hard to get right. My raiser is realizing what they were doing wrong I think, ha!

Cats, did I mention that I live with two of them? It’s really hard at times and my raisers have not been very happy with my socialization with them. I have to work hard on not chasing or lunging at them. I really just want to play with them and it’s so exciting when they run away from me, but I have a feeling that this will be my main focus for April since I’m stuck in the house a lot! I have to say, I quite like the black and white one – she looks like me and sometimes will come and sit beside me in the sun if I’m still. Something that I know my raisers would like to see more often!

Submitted By: Monette & Robert Sakashita