Shasta had a busy month with lots of long hikes and visits with relatives from out of town. Over the Easter weekend, we went on a Magical Mystery Tour and hit the Beatty Biodiversity Museum at UBC, the Stanley Park seawall, and caught a baseball game. Shasta was curious about the strange smells emanating from the specimen drawers at the museum and did not love walking on the plexiglass over the in-floor displays.

Now that the weather is nicer, Shasta has been getting quite a lot of hiking km in. At one point, on the Baden-Powell trail near Mt. Seymour, she caught a whiff of something that made her feel both VERY excited and VERY concerned. We wonder if it was a bear. Shasta loves water and manages to find every puddle, creek, and shoreline so that she can dip her nose and feet in – the muddier, the better! Her raiser has never let her go swimming for fear that she will never want to do anything else.

Shasta spent quite a few days with grandchildren this month (ages 2-4 years). She is very good and patient with children but gets quite excited when they run and make high-pitched noises. She did manage to steal some Cheezies from the kiddos but was otherwise very tolerant and kind to them.

Shasta came along on a trip to the Sunshine Coast to help a family member move. She rode in the U-haul and on the ferry and was very interested in the seagulls flying alongside the outer ferry deck. Shasta was quite spooked by the overhead walkways at the Horseshoe Bay terminal and seemed worried about the height. This month we plan to work on elevated surfaces to increase her comfort in these spaces.

This month Shasta went to a museum, a ball game, a bakery, the UBC Bookstore, a skateboard park, and several stores and coffee shops.

Submitted by: Lisa Heiberg