Shasta had a busy month with lots of travel, camping, and family get-togethers. She attended a very large birthday party at Second Beach. She worked hard at managing the distractions of small children, cyclists, other dogs, and flocks of Canada geese (and goose poop :)). She went camping at Gulf Islands National Park on Pender Island and loved hiking and dipping her feet in the water. She did NOT love disturbing a lakeside wasp nest but got out of the predicament relatively unscathed (unlike us!) Shasta is feeling very feisty with her dog housemates these days. She has to be separated from them regularly as she gets into the red zone trying to play with them. She has also been banned from the kitchen due to persistent counter surfing and general food thievery. She has an insatiable appetite and is always on the prowl for food. This makes her very motivated to train, but we have to work at keeping her at a healthy weight. 

Shasta hardly ever has an accident in the house these days and is getting quite good at loose leash walking. Demand barking has improved a little and is something we work on daily. She often complimented on her calm demeanour and good behaviour when we are out in public. And can reliably ignore other dogs with a buffer zone of 20 feet or more. This month Shasta travelled by ferry and Skytrain and to the Okanagan by car. She has done well in stores, swimming pools, pharmacies, pubs, and a marina.

Submitted by: Lisa Heiberg