Shasta did a bit of traveling this month by car, from Vancouver to the Okanagan to the Kootenays. She is a pretty good traveler and tolerated the trips quite well. Her better gos are coming along, although it took awhile for her understand that a sundeck isn’t considered to be “outside” for the purpose of bathroom breaks. Her loose leash walking is still a work in progress, and she requires a lot of redirection in places with lots of olfactory and visual distractions. Shasta spent a few days with small children (1 and 3 year old), and was intrigued by their quick movements and high pitched noises. She had to spend a lot of time on leash when she was around the children because they were just too distracting. Shasta is very good at going to her bed, and loves to play “Find It”. She is very comfortable in public, though continues to be challenged by the pepperoni section in grocery stores, and by anything she finds on the floor.

This month Shasta went to a Farmers’ Market, two golf tournaments, a swimming pool, numerous stores, and a very crowded car show. She met cats, rabbits, and a horse, and had good experiences with them all. She heard thunder for the first time, and managed the loud noises pretty well.

Submitted by: Lisa Heiberg