Shasta spent the beginning of the month in the Okanagan, and it was HOT! She took every opportunity to lie down, swim, or dip her toes in the water, be it a puddle, bowl of water, creek, or lake. When we came back to town we spent a weekend at our niece’s provincial softball tournament. We got so many compliments about Shasta being a good, calm dog. On the last day, she spent 13 hours at the park and was so patient and well-mannered. During a break between games, we went for an off-leash walk in the woods. A rabbit ran in front of us and into some shrubs. Shasta chased it initially, but then came back when she was called. Her recall is getting really good!

Shasta had her final test to see if she can go on to Advanced Training. We had a walkabout at Canadian Tire and Pet Smart, and Shasta aced it! This was a huge contrast from her 10-month test at the Lougheed Mall, where she showed signs of stress with all the hustle and bustle. She did so well and seemed like such a different dog from her previous test, that the Assistant Trainers wanted to re-test her back at Lougheed Mall. While she was there she bumped into a bunch of PADS dogs in an Advanced Training class. Maybe she was inspired by hanging out with the cool kids, because Shasta passed her second test as well, and is off to Advanced Training on August 14th! There is going to be a lot of ugly crying that day!

Shasta finished up the month on a four-day camping trip to Hornby Island. She hung out with a couple of preschool-aged kids and was very gentle and tolerant, though she did manage to steal a cookie from one of them when they weren’t paying attention. She loved sleeping in the tent with her family and showed her appreciation with licks and cuddles.

Thanks to everyone who supported Shasta on her journey thus far. She is a lovely, sweet girl who hopefully will go on to be a light in the life of someone who needs her.

This month Shasta went to a number of stores, breweries, a baseball tournament, a farmers’ market, and a doctor’s office.

Submitted by: Lisa Heiberg