The majority of Shasta’s month was uneventful and low-key, as she was still in heat. She seemed to enjoy getting back out into the world. In the past, Shasta has tended to demand bark when bored, particularly at places where there was food. She is now showing more poise and maturity and is much more tolerant of boring waits. She is also much calmer around other dogs and is showing significant improvements in her ability to ignore dogs who are quite close to her.

Now that the weather is hotter, Shasta’s favourite thing is water. She enjoys putting her feet in puddles and creeks and enjoys a good lake and ocean swim. Shasta loves running through sprinklers.

Shasta continues to struggle with food theft. She is so food driven that she often drools through visits to grocery stores, and has to be watched closely or she will try to steal food off of the shelves (bread is her greatest weakness!) She wants to check out every dot and mark on the linoleum floors, in case they might be food. We are working on redirecting her from potential food sources so that she understands that the things on the floors and shelves are off-limits to her.

Submitted by: Lisa Heiberg