Shasta continues to be a delightful member our household. She is generally quite hilarious, albeit a little sneaky at times, particularly when food is involved. Her loose leash walking is pretty solid when there are no close distractions, and we are continuing to work on Shasta’s tolerance of boring situations. She tends to demand bark when idle, though this is improving by the week.

Shasta did a lot of traveling this month on various modes of transportation. She rode the Skytrain multiple times, took the bus (the sound of the pneumatic door was scary!), rode the BC Ferry, and flew to Kelowna and back by plane. Shasta did really well on the plane, but struggled to maintain her composure in the terminal with all of the food crumbs under the banks of seats. We took her camping to Tofino and she experienced major FOMO trying to decide if she wanted to be with the people inside or outside of the trailer.

Shasta spent a weekend with three children under the age of four and was VERY tolerant of their cuddles and kisses. She had to be reminded several times not to steal food from children (it’s SO easy), but otherwise was fantastic with them.

This month Shasta visited a high school twice (and met PADS dog Dervish), a brew pub, the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, a golf course, and many stores and coffee shops.

Submitted by: Lisa Heiberg