Well time flies!
Sherlock recently entered advanced training! It has been a joy to raise Sherlock, he has a huge heart and loves being around people. His favorite game is playing tug and his other favorite activity is napping!

Sherlock has enjoyed living on a farm while we were raising him. He has gotten to know all sorts of farm animals and has spent many days walking the fields and breathing the fresh farm air. 😊

On a recent trip to Victoria, Sherlock was spoiled by the hotel staff with a pet welcome package! He sat and waited patiently for his treats. 😊

A few weeks ago we welcomed a new PADS puppy into our home because we knew that Sherlock would be heading off to advanced training soon. Sherlock and Poet became immediate friends and have enjoyed chasing each other through the fields and when they are both exhausted from that they snuggle up together for a nap.

Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Amber Vanhove