Silver continues to be a joy to be around.  In the house she is very laid back, but her “on” switch is just waiting for a visitor or food.

There is a lacrosse box close to us where we often take her so she can still get out for a bit of a run.  Her recall is amazing, unless it is icy – then she tends to slide into you.

She had a good walk with Sarabi, and although both dogs had a very hard time ignoring each other, they did manage to complete a couple km loose leash walk.


Silver’s training this month has been around distraction (dogs and people) and patience, which in PADS terminology is duration. 


 She is getting there but she is not where she should be.  A stand deteriorates into a sit after a bit, but one correction and she completes it.  A sit deteriorates into a down after a couple minutes, but one correction and she is good for the required time.

She was spayed late October and was great.  She did not need the cone although she did wear it.  Never bothered with the incision at all.

Also included is a picture of when we had Silver the first time.  She is sleeping in the cat’s bed.  The other pictures are her in the autumn leaves and after her walk with Sarabi.

Talk to you next month.

Submitted By: Jim and Susan Mitchell