SIMONE has joined Ashley’s string as a part of a pre-advanced training program in hopes of being a Hearing Dog candidate! This means that as part of the transition into training in the advanced kennel, Simone gets to spend some time in a new household with an experienced advanced sitter to practice foundations from puppy raising with a new handler as well as see what quirks might pop up to be worked on. Simone settled at the sitters after a day or two and is showing off her lovely settle when her sitter eats meals. Simone has also made sure to show her sitter how much she likes to cuddle! Simone is very curious about the outside world and is happy to see all the people, dogs and cars moving about. She is learning to process her excitement with the use of engage/disengage. Simone can be scent driven at times and is working on leaving scents alone and re-focusing on her handler until explicit permission is given for sniff time.

  • Skills being learned: Review of foundations and generalizing them to a new handler in a new environment
  • Recent field trips: Various with pre-advanced sitter
  • Possible behavior challenges: Cape aversion, focus in public spaces, reliance on food expectation to execute commands, difficulty returning to work after a stressful stimuli
  • Advanced training location: Burnaby
  • Potential career path: Assistance Dog

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Simone!

Submitted by: Service & Hearing Dog Instructor Ashley Siddals