December has been busy! We had a couple of special classes with a holiday theme, where we played some new ‘games’ – it was really fun but challenging. It gave me some good practice at ignoring interesting things on the ground and walking on a loose leash. These are two things that I can always use more practice with! I’m also working on spending more time in my kennel, which is going well.

I had another great beach day this month with lots of running and playing in the waves. Even though the weather has been quite mild this month, I love being warm and snuggly. My doggie companion Marvel is great for this – both at home and on the road.

And of course, there have been lots of Christmas photo ops this month – at Canada Place, at home, at dog class with the other PADS puppies, to name a few. On the home front, my raiser was very impressed that, after a few initial sniffs, I didn’t try to dismantle the tree or destroy any of the ornaments – although I did find a ribbon on one of the presents under the tree particularly enticing.

My raiser found out that I will get neutered next month but I’m not going to think about that right now!

Submitted by: Christine