December has been a busy month for Slick. Decorations went up, and there was so much for a puppy to see everywhere! The month started with a dinner at my friend’s home, where Slick met her two Frenchies for the first time, much to his delight. He was very intrigued by these dogs that looked different from him. It was the first time he interacted with other dogs on a purely social level, and he did very well. Slick also had a play date with another friend’s Aussiedoodle. They hit it off immediately and had a great time chasing each other around the yard. She wore him right out. He came home as a very tired and happy pup.

In mid-December, we stayed in Banff for a pre-Christmas getaway, and Slick accompanied us. The hotel we stayed at spoiled him with a dog bed, dishes and treats in the room when we arrived. He was like an excited little kid when he saw the hotel room, checking out all the nooks and crannies. His behaviour was exceptional in the restaurants and public areas of the hotel. The staff got to know him by name and greeted him every time they saw him. He was treated like canine royalty. We took Banff Roam Transit downtown one day, and Slick experienced his first public transit trip. The bus ride back to the hotel was very crowded, and I was worried about how he would be, but he handled it like a pro looking to me for direction during the entire ride.

Christmas day came, and so did my family. It was the perfect opportunity to work on an exuberant puppy’s social graces. Slick had a great time being doted on by my parents and sister. Everyone praised him for how much calmer he is now than when they last saw him. He got a food puzzle for Christmas, which my sister helped him solve the first time, and now he knows exactly what to do with it. I guess it’s time to move him to a more advanced puzzle!

Submitted by: Tracey