Slick continues to greet the world with exuberance and enthusiasm. He loves going places and seeing people and knows no fear. This does sometimes work against him when he’s concentrating on working but then notices someone notice him. It’s hard to be popular!

We’ve been on a number of outings this month, running errands, visiting family, and taking long walks when the weather permits. The highlight for Slick was his first off-leash experience at a dog park. He had the whole park to himself and sniffed and explored to his heart’s content. I took the opportunity to work on his recall and was impressed by how quickly he responded. He was very attentive to where I was at all times and kept within my line of sight. It was a good first experience without the distraction of other dogs. He came home muddy, tired and happy.

On a visit to my parent’s house, my mom gifted him an old blanket which he wasted no time snuggling up in. It is one of his favourite places to have a nap or take a chew toy break.

Submitted by: Tracey