July was a low-key month for Slick as he spent a couple of weeks recovering from neuter surgery. The cone was a new challenge for him as the walls, doors and humans never seemed to give him enough room to pass without getting hung up. Slick enjoyed sleeping in his bed in our bedroom instead of his kennel because he didn’t fit with the cone on. He proved to be an excellent roommate, sleeping soundly through the night and not waking us up too early.

The hot weather in July was just the thing to make a backyard romp in the sprinkler the perfect way to stay cool. While Slick was all in, PADS Cliff preferred to watch from the sidelines. They spent many afternoons dozing on the tile floor in the kitchen together to beat the heat.

July 29 marked one year since Slick joined our family. His raising journey has had plenty of ups and downs over the past year, but he has risen to the challenge to become a very sweet and engaged pup. Slick has let us know that he really just wants to make someone happy as a pet dog. He has been staying with us until he finds his forever home. We will all miss the enthusiasm he brought to every day he was part of our family.

Submitted by: Tracey