Slick kicked June off with his first birthday! He had a little party made all the more fun because PADS Cliff was there to help him celebrate. Slick and Cliff enjoyed a delicious homemade pumpkin and banana cake with cottage cheese, peanut butter frosting topped off with apple sauce and a milk bone. It was a day to remember.

Slick is always happy to go places, and one of his favourites is the off-leash park in our neighbourhood. He has a great time running and sniffing. While there we work on his recall which is getting better with each visit. Recall is a little trickier for him when other dogs are present, but most times he tries really hard to come when we call him.

He has been on grocery store outings, and to the library where a lady stopped her car to exclaim what a beautiful dog he is. He loves his daily walks around the neighbourhood, and people often stop to talk to me about him. Slick is a very enthusiastic puppy who loves all the adventure life has to offer.

Submitted by: Tracey