Slick is a happy-go-lucky pup whose tail will not stop wagging. He greets every day like a new adventure is about to unfold. We’ve been working with him on keeping calm first thing in the morning instead of racing through the house excitedly greeting everyone he hasn’t seen in the previous eight hours. He is learning ‘heel’ and ‘side’ and how to slowly go up and down the stairs beside me. Slick loves a good game of tug and is very strong. He would have no problem pulling me across the floor if I didn’t anchor myself in place. 

Neo, the cat, has appropriated Slick’s crate a few times in the past month for his own napping pleasure. However, once Slick notices him in the crate, all napping comes to an end, and Slick gets his space back! Slick would be more than happy to share his crate with Neo, but Neo would rather not share it with Slick.

Submitted by: Tracey