Slick continues to delight everyone he meets on outings throughout the city. People can’t resist asking questions about him and PADS whenever we go out. I often overhear parents explaining what a working dog is to their young children who have spotted him, and it makes me smile every time.

Some highlights this month included a trip to check out the new Calgary Farmers Market West. Slick was very well-behaved as we walked through the market and when we sat down for coffee. He also came with me to visit my parents in Didsbury, and after his initial excitement wore off, he settled right in as if he was home. My father took Slick outside while he shovelled snow off the deck. This probably wasn’t the best plan, as Slick thought he was playing a new game and kept running interference with the shovel. This made the job take much longer than necessary, but it made my dad laugh the whole time.

I’ve been working from home full-time but made a trip into the office this month with Slick in tow. He was a huge hit with the staff, who all wanted to spoil him. I had many offers from coworkers who wanted to take him home to live with them. Slick attended a meeting with my manager and me, where he was polite and attentive. He came out for lunch at the food court and was very good in an area full of so many distractions. He had a little difficulty settling into office life at first, but once he’d been there for a bit, he bedded down under my desk and had a short nap. This trip exposed him to some new experiences with large stairways, parkades, elevators and public restrooms.

Submitted by: Tracey